Dog API provides dog facts as a service.

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Congratulations! Dog Facts was successfully installed in your Slack team.

You will now receive fun semi-irregular facts about dogs 🐶 You can also get a random fact by sending /dogfact from any channel.

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This is the Dog API and it provides dog facts as a service dogdog 🐶

Add to Slack

Add to Slack

This will enable two things:

If installation was successful you'll receive a welcome message :)

Privacy Policy

Dog Facts is just for fun. The only data retained by Dog Facts is your team webhook url (which is required to post Dog Facts messages to your Slack). Otherwise, no data is kept.

For questions or support, please email or contact directly through Twitter

Use it as an API

Live endpoint:

Path Description Parameters
/api/facts Returns an object with dog facts ?number=5

Host it yourself

First make sure you have the following dependencies installed.

Go ahead and clone this repository.

git clone

Then install the dependencies.

bundle install

After that you'll need to setup your database, run the following command to run migrations.

rake db:migrate

And finally, fill out your database with the latest dog facts included in the db/seeds.rb file.

rake db:seed

Run the application by running the following command.

rake server

Or just rake by it self. The application should now be running in http://localhost:4567.

Why you made this?

There's a Cat API that returns cat facts. I like cats but I like dogs more. Equilibrium must exists.


Lot's of places, I'll list them tomorrow, mom.